La Salle Reads

We are well read.

A commitment to reading is the cornerstone of a rigorous, college-preparatory education. It also keeps minds sharp during the summer break. So every summer through La Salle Reads, students are required to read a set of three or four books as outlined by the English Department. Students prepare summaries and the books are then discussed the first week of school.

La Salle Reads engages students to read beyond the requirement, as well. Every student who returns to school having read six or more books is named a La Salle Reader and is invited to a Presidential Luncheon co-hosted by the English Department. La Salle Readers who read a minimum of ten books are also awarded the gift of NO BOOK FEE for the academic year. The student who reads the most books per grade receives an additional award of $250 taken off their tuition. La Salle Reads further incentivizes additional reading throughout the academic year.