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Founded in 2014, La Salle Works provides students real working experience through student internships in organizations across New York City. Students develop proper business etiquette and professional skills necessary to enter any work environment. Over the past two years, La Salle Academy has been proud to see its students earn internships and mentorships with a variety of professional organizations.

In preparation, students learn how to prepare for a job interview, produce quality resumes, and develop personal networking skills. By dedicating themselves to this program, students earn an amazing opportunity to pursue their interests and prepare themselves for college and the professional world. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Internship, Mentorship, Employment & Volunteer Opportunities
  • College and Career Preparation
  • Introduction to Professional and Business Etiquette

Click here for the full 2017 La Salle Works Handbook

The goal of La Salle Works is to provide students with opportunities to gain real world experience in preparation for college and their future careers.

In addition to fulfilling their daily academic responsibilities, La Salle Works students attend after-school program meetings multiple days per week throughout the school year. They collaborate with alumni and fellow students to develop their skills in professional etiquette and work with the program director to find an appropriate internship, mentorship, or employment opportunity.

This year the program is privileged to offer dozens of fresh opportunities with a wide array of professional organizations throughout New York City.

For more information, contact the La Salle Works Director: Mr. Patrick Murphy or (516) 456-9115.


La Salle Works Participation Guidelines for Students of La Salle

The student placement process will be competitive. Participation in this program will be judged based on several factors including personal character, work ethic, and overall initiative. The opportunities listed in this guide were made possible because of the hard work and generosity of the friends, alumni, and family of La Salle. As a result, the same level of dedication and respect is expected if you decide to participate in this program.

Students must consult Mr. Murphy before formally applying for any opportunity.
Even with parental permission, a thorough background check will be done to review a student’s record of behavior and grades for all years at La Salle Academy. Any participation will be based on the La Salle Student/Parent Handbook policies on academic eligibility and behavior as well as the discretion of the program director.

La Salle Academy Student/Parent Handbook Policies
Students must obey all outlined rules and regulations within the La Salle Academy Student/Parent Handbook.

Academic Eligibility – Extra-Curricular Activities
Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege granted by the learning community to students in good standing both academically and behaviorally. Therefore, in order to participate in extra-curricular activities at La Salle Academy, students must maintain certain academic standards. Any student with two or more credits of failures in a quarter may not participate in any after-school activity until he is passing his courses. His eligibility status will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (APAA)/Director of Guidance at the next progress report. Any appeal due to special circumstances must be made directly to the Principal whose decision will be final.

Behavior in Public
La Salle Academy students are very visible in the local community. They are required to exhibit proper conduct both before and after school. La Salle Academy students in public are often well known and highly regarded by many people. Therefore, students have definite responsibilities for their personal conduct and appearance. Unbecoming behavior in public areas or on private property reflects negatively on our students, their families, and our school. Misconduct of this nature will be considered a serious violation of student responsibility and will be handled accordingly.