Academic Projects


img_0091La Salle Academy is registered with the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest. Each English class completes a unit on poetry each February. Students study various poems and poets, choose a poem to memorize and recite/perform it in front of their class. The best performance in each class will compete in the school-wide competition in April, which is National Poetry Month. The winners of the school-wide contest can participate in the regional Poetry Out Loud competition.

World Language

In learning a second language it is not only important to learn the mechanics of the language itself but also to understand the culture of the people who speak the language. Students in our language classes will choose one of three topics (food, music, dance) and do research on the topic. They may work in pairs or alone and will create a report that describes the history of the topic chosen (where it originated, ingredients, methods of cooking, beats and rhythms, background of the music or composer, etc.). Students will prepare a tri-fold board and will present their projects on Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday. Extra credit is given for those who actually prepare the dish, or perform the song or dance.


The 9th and 12th grade students will work in pairs and choose a history topic related to the theme they are studying in school (9th grade – Ancient History, 12th grade – Participation in Government). Each pair will conduct research, gather information from both primary and secondary sources, formulate a thesis and create a presentation that supports the thesis. They will prepare a tri-fold presentation board and will present their projects in May. The projects will be on display in the school gymnasium. Winners are chosen from judges from the administrative team.


img_0075All students enrolled in a science course will do research and conduct a science experiment. The projects must involve at least two variables, one which will be measurable. A visual display of hypothesis (if applicable), a description of the methods, a data table, a graph of the data, and a conclusion will be prepared on a tri-fold board. The projects will be judged by school officials and displayed in the school gym.


img_0070Each May, La Salle Academy hosts an Art Expo. This is an art competition for elementary and high schools. Schools submit their students’ best work in various categories. This work is displayed throughout LSA and is assessed by a set of judges. The work is then displayed in the gym on an afternoon in May and all participating schools are invited to attend the expo and awards ceremony held that afternoon. It is a wonderful affair with hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. La Salle’s students submit their work, as well. This is a culmination of the work that they complete throughout the year. This year, we will also be adding music and technology to the agenda.


Students will participate in a school-wide competition. Based on grade level and subject area, students will take two qualifying exams. The top performers in each class will participate in a game- show themed contest after school later in the year. The winners will be taken on a trip to the Museum of Mathematics.


All students study the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. To bring these to life, students will be researching and participating in a service opportunity of their choosing. They will reflect upon their service and what it means in their life and the life of the Church. The students will present their experience to their class. They will also compile information on each of the service sites visited to create a service site booklet that can be used as a resource for the entire school for future service needs. This booklet will serve as an invaluable source of information for our Campus Ministry office.