Special Programs

Action-Based Learning

La Salle Works in the City

La Salle prioritizes action-based learning. Through La Salle Works, our internship/apprenticeship program for upperclassmen, and La Salle In The City, our hands-on educational series, students are provided with real-world learning experiences outside the classroom. We also have the La Salle Reads program to engage students in reading.

La Salle Works

Internships give students an invaluable real-world experience. And they’re not just for college students. La Salle Works is a paid and unpaid internship/apprenticeship program that is available for all of our students. By dedicating themselves to this program, students earn an amazing opportunity to pursue their interests and prepare themselves for college and the professional world. La Salle Works teaches students how to prepare for a job interview, produce quality resumes and develop personal networking skills.

The internship program extends into the summer as well. Through the National Hispanic Institute, students are sent on a week-long leadership camp at Villanova University. Our young men are also placed in some of the top law and real estate firms in New York City, including Leahy & Johnson P.C. and Devito Associates, LLC, respectively.

La Salle in the City

Designed to enrich the cultural and educational experiences of all students, La Salle in the City is an extraordinary action-based learning program unique to our school. La Salle in the City uses New York City and other key locations “as the classroom.” Students explore educational sites such as museums, sports arenas and musical venues, where they engage and participate in the respective site programs. These trips are not only limited to New York, but also Washington D.C., New Orleans and other exciting locations.

La Salle Reads

A commitment to reading is the cornerstone of a rigorous, college-preparatory education. It also keeps minds sharp during the summer break. So every summer through La Salle Reads, students are required to read a set of three to ten books as outlined by the English Department. Students prepare summaries and the books are then discussed the first week of school.

La Salle Reads engages students to read beyond the requirement as well. Every student who returns to school having read six or more books is named a La Salle Reader and is invited to a Presidential Luncheon co-hosted by the English Department. La Salle Readers who read a minimum of ten books are also awarded the gift of NO BOOK FEE for the academic year. The student who reads the most books per grade receives an additional award of $250 taken off their tuition. La Salle Reads further incentivizes additional reading throughout the academic year.