Support the Boys of La Salle

The mission of La Salle Academy, a rigorous college-preparatory high school, is to educate students of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds with special out-reach to those most in need. We provide a nurturing environment, which fosters spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical growth in the Roman Catholic tradition and the Lasallian spirit, as embodied in St. John Baptist de La Salle.

We create experiences of community within the school and encourage each student to develop their gifts and talents for their own growth, as well as engage in the caring service of others, through its academic, extra-curricular and spiritual programs.

Annual Appeal


As a loyal supporter, you have become a vital partner in this important mission. Each year through our Annual Appeal, we close the gap between the true cost of educating each of these young men ($15,000) and the tuition we charge ($8,950). It is the support of people like you that has allowed us to be successful in this endeavor for 169 years.

Please make your Annual Appeal gift today. As we enter our fifth year at our new home on 6th Street, we look forward to a bright future for all of our students. Thank you again for your past gifts over the last few years. Please consider increasing the amount this year!

Our sincere thanks for your dedication and continuing commitment to La Salle Academy!



Student Scholarships


The goal of the sponsorship program is to make it possible for financially challenged families to send their son to La Salle Academy, one of New York City’s top Catholic college preparatory high school for young men.

Your sponsorship will provide a very important part of what a La Salle student needs to be successful. Every year, more than 150 young men participate in the program. As a sponsor, you will be matched with a student. Some or our sponsors are alumni and others are good friends of La Salle who believe in our mission – to educate to young men of diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds with special outreach to those most in need.

Please help us continue giving the Brothers’ Boys a chance to succeed! Help them make their dreams come true!